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Irish Job Seekers Pin Hopes on Market Shift for Career Changes, Citing Monetary Incentives

Irish workers are expressing confidence in the job market despite challenges such as the cost-of-living crisis and work-life balance issues, according to a survey by LinkedIn. The study, conducted in November and December 2023 with 1,000 respondents, revealed that 36% of workers believe the Irish economy will improve in the coming year. However, 73% are contemplating job changes, citing reasons like the desire for a better salary (44%), improved work-life balance (32%), and a need for change (10%). Job search activity on LinkedIn has increased, with 36% of professionals admitting to job hunting during work hours.

Despite the positive outlook, the research underscores challenges such as difficulty matching skills to advertised jobs, as 64% find job hunting frustrating, and 27% express disappointment in not hearing back from recruiters. LinkedIn’s data also indicates a shift in required skills, with a 25% change since 2015 and an anticipated 65% global change by 2030, driven by the AI revolution. Sue Duke, LinkedIn’s country manager for Ireland, advises professionals to remain proactive, emphasising the importance of standing out in a competitive job market. She encourages individuals to seize emerging opportunities, particularly in areas like cybersecurity and engineering, by continuously developing and upskilling themselves.

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