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Irish parliament passes motion condemning Israel’s de facto annexation of Palestinian land and Hamas’ attack

DUBLIN: Ireland passed the motion in solidarity with the oppressed Palestinian people and in condemnation of Israel’s actions, especially its de facto annexation of Palestinian land.

At the same time, Ireland did not forget to condemn Hamas’ actions, which resulted in the deaths of children and innocent civilians in Israel. Members of the ruling party agreed to support the opposition motion after it was amended to condemn Hamas.

Meanwhile, Dáil rejected an amendment brought by People Before Profit calling for the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador to Ireland and the imposition of sanctions against Israel.

With the passing of this motion, Ireland became the first EU country to declare the building of Israeli settlements in Palestinian lands to be de facto annexation. Sinn Fein’s motion, that received cross-party support, was passed last evening.

The motion condemns the “recent and ongoing forced displacement of Palestinian communities in the occupied Palestinian territory,” and described the de facto annexation of Palestinian territory as a violation of international law.

Simon Coveney says this motion is a clear reflection of the heartfelt sentiment of Irish people

Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney said the motion is a “clear signal of the depth of feeling across Ireland”.

Israel has launched hundreds of airstrikes against Gaza, while Hamas has fired over 4,000 rockets at Israel. More than 250 people were killed on both sides.

Coveney said the government needed to be “honest about what is happening on the ground”. He added that it is a “de facto annexation” and could not be taken lightly.

Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown TD Richard Boyd Barrett, one of the proposers of the amendment, said “it is now high time that the Dáil and the Irish government move from words of sympathy and support for the people of Palestine to effective action.”

“The chronic repression, ethnic cleansing, war crimes and apartheid system that has brutalised the Palestinian people has to be treated like the South African apartheid regime was treated.

“There is a historic opportunity for us here in Ireland, who have previously experienced oppression from an occupying power, to lead the international community in taking effective action against the Israeli regime who are inflicting untold misery and brutality on the people of Palestine,” TD  Boyd Barrett added.

The 11-day conflict in Gaza ended last Friday with the announcement of a ceasefire. It is considered as the worst violence in the region since 2014.

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