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Irish PM Leo Varadkar Calls for Reform of UN Security Council and Veto Power

Dublin: Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar Advocates Reforming the UN Security Council and Rethinking Veto Power

In a historic address to the United Nations General Assembly, Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar articulated a compelling proposal for the reform of the United Nations Security Council and the reconsideration of the veto power vested within it.

Varadkar disclosed that during Ireland’s recent leadership tenure within the Security Council, notable hindrances and subversions of the Council’s objectives became evident. Instances were noted where critical decisions and actions were stymied by the exercise of the veto power.

He emphasised the imperative for a reformed Security Council in the context of the modern world, devoid of the vestige of the veto. Varadkar asserted that the veto, once relevant in the 1940s, has become obsolete in the twenty-first century. What is necessitated, according to him, is a UN Security Council that accurately mirrors the global demographics and political landscape.

Varadkar underlined the proven potential of international cooperation within the UN, a testament to the world’s ability to accomplish significant objectives when working collectively. He reaffirmed the United Nations as a pivotal institution and a unifying force in the contemporary global order.

Varadkar lashed out at Russia.

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar delivered a strong rebuke against Russia, denouncing its actions in Ukraine as “an unprovoked and unjustified attack against its neighbouring nation,” even as Ukraine was known for its progressive and renaissance values.

Varadkar emphasised that the conflict in Ukraine is not solely a European concern but poses a significant threat to the world at large. He further advocated for universal support within the United Nations for measures aimed at preventing Russia from using force across international borders.

He underscored the historical lesson that aggressors, if left unchecked, can serve as models for others with similar intentions, leading to a cascade of further conflicts.

Varadkar also stressed the fundamental principle that the people of Ukraine, who bear no responsibility for the war thrust upon them, deserve the same rights to peace and security as all nations. He called for unwavering support and decisive action on behalf of every member state of the United Nations in defence of Ukraine’s rights and aspirations.

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