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Irish teacher Enoch Burke released from jail, for attending classes despite being suspended

Dublin: The court released Enoch Burke, who was in Mountjoy prison in the case of attending school despite being suspended. Justice Brian O’Moore delivered the verdict in this case, warning the defendant not to violate the High Court order again.

Enoch Burke was a teacher at Westmeath’s Wilson’s Hospital School. Following a complaint about addressing a transgender child, management took action against him. As part of the disciplinary process, management directed him to refrain from teaching. But in early September, he violated this and entered the classroom at school. He was ordered to stay away from the school with full pay. Burke is reportedly being released from prison ahead of the Christmas break.

In September, Enoch Burke was imprisoned. Burke contends that the suspension is illegal, and thus the related High Court orders are also illegal. He alleges that the court and the school’s lawyer are colluding.

He stated that the root of all problems was the principal’s belief that he would accept transgenderism, which is contrary to his conscience and religious beliefs. He does not want temporary release. He wants to uphold his constitutional rights.

The lawyers explained to the court that the school’s only requirement is that students not be disturbed. As per lawyer Rosemary Mallon, there is no such concern during the Christmas season. Therefore, they stated that they have no objection to releasing Burke. However, they are concerned about what will happen when schools reopen on January 5. They said that there should be a mechanism to prevent further problems. The judge explained that there was no other option but to put them in jail again if they caused problems.

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