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Is menopause a taboo subject? 40% Irish women says ‘YES!’

A survey found that around 40% of women in Ireland who are experiencing or have experienced menopause still believes that its something to be hidden.

Only a few amongst the large percentage consult a doctor and discuss, while other doesn’t discuss their symptoms with anyone.

In the group who believes to keep menopause symptoms as a secret, embracement is the reason that forbids 22% from speaking out their problems.

While those who have or who are undergoing menopause says that they have common symptoms of hot flushes (71%), night sweats (69%), sleeping problems (65%), weight gain (57%), mood changes (45%), vaginal dryness (44%) and urinary issues (27%).

Out of these certain symptoms can decline over time, certain others like vaginal dryness can worsen over time. Around 51% of women experience this dryness as post menopause symptom.

Dr Deirdre Lundy, coordinator of sexual and reproductive health courses at the Irish College of General Practitioners says that menopause is something all women experience and as we are now living longer, we live with the after-effects of menopause for much longer

“There are new treatments available that target specific issues of menopause, such as vaginal dryness, which can help treat chronic ongoing symptoms and can greatly improve a women’s quality of life. This research shows that many women are suffering in silence so I would urge all women to engage with their doctor or nurse to discuss any symptoms of menopause that they may be experiencing.” She said.

Coming down the survey, 77% said sex was important to them, but 44% said their sex life had improved.

Other 45% said because of vaginal they had experienced discomfort during sex.

It is recommended to consult a healthcare professional if women experience discomfort during menopause, rather than hiding it or taking self-treatment.

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