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Israel grants honorary citizenship to Soumya Santhosh, an Indian woman killed in Israel

Israel to grant honorary citizenship to Soumya Santhosh, an Indian caregiver killed in a Palestinian rocket attack in Israel.

“Israeli people believe that she is an honorary citizen and they see her as one of their own,” Israeli deputy envoy Rony Yedidia Clein told journalists in New Delhi.

Soumya’s family welcomed Israel Government’s decision to grant her honorary citizenship. “We consider it as a great honour to my wife. We have also received information from the embassy officials that our son Adone will be taken care of,” said Santhosh.

Sherly Benny, Soumya’s sister-in-law who works in Israel, said the country regarded her as an angel and respected her sacrifice. “Now, Israel is very peaceful after Israel and Hamas agree to cease-fire to end the 11-day war. Now, there are no sounds of passing rockets and the country is back to normalcy,” she added.

Soumya, 32, has been working as a caretaker in Israel for the past seven years. She was killed when a rocket landed on her house while she was talking to her husband Santhosh on a video call.

Soumya’s funeral took place last week in her hometown of Idukki, Kerala. Consul General of Israel, Jonathan Zadka, also visited Soumya’s residence to pay his respects. Speaking to her relatives and natives, the Consul General said that Soumya is regarded as an angel by the Israeli people and that the Israeli Government stands by her family.

A few days ago, President of Israel Reuven Rivlin had called Soumya’s family and assured them of all support.

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