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Israeli Army Divides Gaza into Two; Death Toll Surpasses 9,000

Ankara: A pro-Palestinian group stormed the airbase in Turkey just before the US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken’s visit and issued a strong warning against the US and Israel’s allies. The US Secretary of State will hold talks with the Turkish leadership today. Although Adana, where the attack took place, is in Asia, European leaders are also worried about the conflict reaching Europe’s immediate vicinity.

Meanwhile, the Israeli army claimed to have completely encircled Gaza and divided the Gaza Strip into two. Now North Gaza has become South Gaza. Daniel Hagari, the spokesman of the Israeli army, said that this is a crucial stage in the war against Hamas. The army reached the coastal area. This place has been conquered. There are widespread attacks on terrorist hideouts. “Whether it’s on the ground or above,” said Daniel Hagari. There were also reports of large explosions in northern Gaza during the night.

Meanwhile, the communication system to Gaza has been completely destroyed for the third time. Netblocks.org reported that telephone and internet services were down across Gaza. This was also confirmed by Paltel, the Palestinian telecom service provider. This does not reveal the full picture of Israeli violence in Gaza.

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