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Japan firm Outsourcing set to acquire Ireland’s CPL Recourses

DUBLIN: CPL Resources, Ireland’s leading recruitment company, is being acquired by Japanese recruitment firm Outsourcing. CPL is a recruitment agency established in Ireland by the current CEO, Anne Heraty.

Outsourcing, a growing company in Europe, is expanding its presence in Ireland with the acquisition of CPL Resources.

Japan is acquiring CPL for €318 million. The deal was 36.4% higher than the stock market price. The decision, which was taken unanimously by the company’s board of directors, also requires its shareholder approval.

CPL chair John Hennessy said he was pleased to announce the deal. “We are pleased to be announcing this transaction today and believe it represents an excellent opportunity for both the company and its shareholders,” said CPL chair John Hennessy.

CPL is a Dublin-based global provider of recruitment services with over 13,000 employees and 45 offices worldwide. The company had revenues of €569.3 million in the financial year ending June 30. CPL started its business in 1989. It has grown into the leading employment service company in Ireland. In 1999 the company was scheduled on the Dublin and London stock markets.

Outsourcing is a leading HR company in Japan with 80,000 employees in 300 locations.

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