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Law allowing death similar to euthanasia for terminally ill patients may come soon in Ireland…

Dublin: Ireland, the prospect of enacting legislation akin to euthanasia for terminally ill patients, known as assisted dying, appears imminent. This follows a recommendation from a joint parliamentary committee tasked with examining the matter, which suggests the implementation of a law allowing medically assisted dying for individuals with a limited life expectancy.

Scheduled for release on March 20, the report of the Joint Committee on Assisted Dying reflects the outcome of thorough discussions and deliberations. Formed last year, the committee’s purpose was to present suggestions for the development of legislation and policy concerning assisted dying.

The majority of members, including TDs and senators, advocate for a change in the law to enable individuals with a prognosis of six to 12 months to seek assistance in ending their lives sooner. The proposed legislation primarily targets those facing incurable and irreversible medical conditions, guaranteeing them the option of assisted dying if their prognosis indicates a lifespan of six months or less, with an extension to 12 months for certain neurodegenerative illnesses.

Moreover, the committee emphasises that any proposed legislation should include provisions stipulating that the illness causes unbearable distress and suffering to the patient. Under such circumstances, individuals would be entitled to assisted dying, with the process overseen by a qualified medical professional.

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