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Leaving Cert Result: All-time record number of high graders

Dublin: Tens of thousands of Leaving Cert students have been repeatedly awarded high grades by the Department for Education. From 10 a.m. on Friday, the country’s 62,000 Leaving Cert students will be able to access their results online. The first CAO offers for college admissions will be published on Wednesday.

This year, 14% of students received H1 grades at the higher level.

These artificially high marks are manipulated by the examination authorities to give the students artificially to achieve high results. Education Minister Norma Foley has given a suggestion to the evaluation committee that this year’s results should not be lower than previous years.

As per the minister’s instructions in July, the marks of all students who took the exam this year are now evaluated and released with an average of 7.9 percent artificially inflated to match the grades of the 2022 total result.

This improved the grades of 71% of students. This means that the grades of this year’s students have risen to a new high for the best grades since 2021 and 2022. This is an increase of 60 points over the results obtained by students prior to the pandemic.

The information coming out is that the government’s proposal this time has a bigger increase than the rise in grades during the COVID-19 period through the special evaluation system.

Education Minister Foley had hinted that grades would gradually begin to decline to pre-pandemic norms over several years.

‘Mark Cyclone’ because he did not take the Junior Cert exam in the past

Children who had to retake the junior cycle exams due to covid were now writing the living certificate and awaiting the results. Minister Foley’s spokesperson said yesterday that the decision to keep the results at the high level of last year is to ‘achieve justice’ for the students who never took the national exams before because the exams were canceled during the covid.

College Admission: Competition will be fierce

As stated by university representatives, having high grades can make it difficult to distinguish candidates for college admissions. Because so many people get high grades, colleges may need to use random selection to select students for certain high-demand, high-point courses.

The move to keep grades up is sure to hurt students from Northern Ireland who have applied for university admission here. Students there will have to compete with Irish candidates applying in higher grades.

The proportion of total students in H1 to H3 grades—traditionally known as honors—has dropped from 60 percent last year to 49.5 percent this year, but marks in that range remain high. Moreover, a small number of students—0.5 percent, or 102 candidates—failed in at least some subjects. It was at H8 level.

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