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Leaving Cert results to be announced on Monday; 60,000 students waiting for their results

Some 60,000 Leaving Cert students will receive their results on Monday amid heightened concerns that inflated grades will lead to a scramble for college places.

The Living Certificate exam results will be published on Monday. Around 60,000 students will be receiving their results. Many of them are concern about the grade, because inflated grades will lead to a hike for college places.

As per the latest statement from Norma Foley, the Minister for Education, the academic track record of a school will no longer be taken into account when calculating Leaving Cert grades.

It is probable that the new calculation will lead to exaggerated grades and increased demand for certain college courses.

Higher Education Minister Simon Harris said that 1,250 extra college places to help cope with demand.

According to the Department of Education, on one side the grades of a vast majority will remain unchanged, 4% of students will have increased grades and 17% of calculated grades will be lower.

In order to help the students to deal with stress regarding their results, the National Parents Council Post Primary Leaving Cert Helpline has now been launched. The helpline will be open from that day to September 16, 2020.

Minister Foley mentioned the helpline as a ‘vital resource’ for students at its launch.

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