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Level 4: What all shops and outlets can remain open?

Government has imposer Level 4 restrictions in Donegal, Cavan and Monaghan as these places reported significant hike in positive cases.

As new restrictions came into act, the business owners, service providers and the consumers all are a bit confused regarding which all places or shops must be closed and which all facilities can remain open.

The government has bought out the new guideline by exempting certain essentials from the restrictions, these facilities can remain open.

Let’s see which all places can continue their function:

1.  Fuel service stations and heating fuel providers.

2. Whole sale food markets, which offer the sale of food. 

3. Outlets those sells products required for the essential upkeep and functioning of places of residence and businesses.

4. Pharmacies, chemists and retailers or wholesalers providing pharmaceuticals or pharmaceutical or dispensing services.

5. Shops and Outlets selling health, medical or orthopaedic goods.

6. Outlets selling food, beverages or newspapers on a takeaway basis, 

7. Outlets selling essential items for the health and welfare of animals.

8. Laundries and drycleaners.

9. Banks, post offices and credit unions.

10. Outlets selling safety supplies such as work-wear apparel, footwear and personal protective equipment.

11. Hardware outlets, builders’ merchants and outlets (hardware products necessary for home and business maintenance or construction and development, sanitation and farm equipment, supplies and tools essential for gardening, farming or agriculture purposes)

12. Optician and optometrist outlets;

13. Outlets that deals with the sale, supply and repair of vehicles and bicycles.

14. Shops selling office products and services for businesses or personal use.

15. Repair, maintenance and service outlets that provides electrical, information and communications technology and telephone sales can also remained open.

For other businesses and sales it is advised to cross check with the latest guideline to know further about the Level 4 restrictions and also to know that whether your business can be opened on these days or not.

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