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LJP’s Jallikattu will be India’s official entry to Oscar 2021

The Malayalam film ‘Jallikattu’, directed by Lijo Jose Pellissery has been selected as India’s official entry to the Oscars 2021.

Jallikattu will be the third Malayalam film to get an Oscar entry .The film will compete in the foreign film category. This was stated by the Film Federation of India.

Jallikattu is an internationally acclaimed film. The film was well received in the theaters as well. The film was based on the story ‘The Maoists’ written by S Harish.

The film received an entry in the International Feature Film category of the Academy Awards.

The protagonist of Jallikattu is a buffalo who runs for his life from the knife edge of a butcher from the slaughterhouse. In the midst of a life-and-death patch, the buffalo threatens the villagers.

Lijo transforms a story that can be told in a single line into a visual experience that can be seen in an hour and thirty minutes.

Wildness beautifies every frame of Jallikattu. Lijo talks about the animal, the animal desires and instinct in the mind people. These ideas are not expressed through long conversations, but through pure visual narration.

The movie is made in such a way that the audience can understand the movements, rapid movements and body language of the humans running after the buffalo.

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