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Martin says, the EU would actively negotiate with Turkey if it refrained from illegal activities

The Taoiseach Micheál Martin has said that the European Union can only engage effectively if it refrains from illegal activities. Mr. Martin was speaking after a two-day meeting of the European Union Council.

The European council has strongly condemned Turkey’s violation of the sovereign rights of Greece and Cyprus. The EU Council will have good political engagement with Turkey if it refrains from illegal activities in Greece and Cyprus.

Martin said the council strongly condemned Turkey’s violation of Cyprus’ sovereignty, but also discussed the importance of creating a stable and safe environment in the eastern Mediterranean. With a positive approach from Turkey, we can continue to focus on trade, people-to-people contacts, high-level talks and continued cooperation in immigration.

The Prime Minister said at the EU meeting that the importance of full implementation of the withdrawal agreement, including the Northern Ireland Protocol, and the uninterrupted trade on the Irish island had been raised.

He added that the need to restore the trust lost due to the unilateral action of the British Government should come up in the EU-UK talks.

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