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Messi resumed practice sessions with Barcelona

Lionel Messi has decided to stay at Barcelona after days of rumors and resumed his training with the club. Messi arrived at Barcelona’s training ground in Sant Joan Despie at 4pm local time on Monday.

Ending two weeks of uncertainty, Lionel Messi announced that he would remain at Barcelona. Mesi made his statements clear in an exclusive interview with Goal.com.

Messi’s interest in ending a long two-decade relationship with Barcelona has sparked much debate in the recent weeks. But Messi and Barcelona had problems with the release clause.

Under a renewed contract in 2017, Messi’s contract with Barcelona is valid until June 2021. But the deal also stipulates that Messi has the right to leave the club at the end of a season. Messi used this condition to send a letter of intent to leave the club.

But the club said that if Messi had to leave the club in this way, he would have had to be notified before June 10, and the contract would expire on June 10. According to Barcelona’s management, Messi will have to pay 700 million euros (approximately 6150 million rupees) to cancel his existing contract.

Amid these uncertainties Messi now said that he will continue to wear boots for Barcelona. Messi has said that the renewed decision was because of his son’s request and 700 million cancelations fine.

Messi has stated he is not interested in dragging his favorite club into legal action and will remain in the Barcelona jersey until the contract period gets over, which is in  June 2021.

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