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Meta and Instagram Consider Monthly Subscription Fee of Up to €13 for Facebook Access

Dublin: Meta Platforms, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, is exploring the possibility of offering subscription-based ad-free plans for users in Europe. This initiative comes in response to EU regulations that require user consent for displaying advertisements. Meta currently relies heavily on advertising revenue.

Under the proposed scheme, Meta may introduce ad-free plans for users who opt for a ten-euro subscription. This approach aims to align with EU regulations while preserving Meta’s advertising business.

Users would likely have the choice between an ad-serving plan and a premium ad-free subscription plan, with the latter expected to be priced higher than basic Netflix subscriptions, which cost €7.99. On mobile devices, the cost of a single account may increase to approximately €13, factoring in commissions imposed by Apple and Google’s app stores.

Earlier this year, Meta’s parent company was fined €390 million by Ireland’s Data Privacy Commissioner for alleged violations related to targeted advertising based on users’ online searches. In response, Meta has expressed its intention to seek user consent for targeted ads in the EU, in compliance with evolving regulatory requirements, while also exploring the introduction of paid ad-free subscription options.

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