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Migrant Nurses Ireland (MNI), a new organisation of immigrant nurses in Ireland, was formed in partnership with INMO

DUBLIN: The Migrant Nurses Ireland (MNI), an independent organisation, has been formed with the participation of INMO, the largest trade union in the nursing sector in Ireland, to represent the thousands of migrant workers working in the field of nursing and to draw more attention to their unique problems in the general community.

The decision was taken at the INMO National Executive Council meeting in the first week of September, based on discussions between MNI representatives and the INMO General Secretary and other office bearers at various stages.

The partnership agreement with MNI will be signed on Monday, 09.11.2020 at the INM0 Executive Meeting in the presence of the Ambassador of India, Sandeep Kumar.

Behind all the benefits available today, such as the Sunday premium and bank holiday pay available in the workplace in Ireland, there is a history of constant struggle and pressure from trade unions.

Immigrants to a new country for employment may be forced to work quietly under excessive pressure in the workplace due to ignorance about labour rights in a developed country like Ireland.

The MNI officials said that they will work with INMO to stand by the problems faced by migrants, including Indians, in public sector institutions and other private nursing homes in Ireland. MNI is also committed to providing guidance on a variety of issues facing newcomers to Ireland for nursing careers.

A community of individuals who are personally and organisationally involved in the problems of migrant nursing workers is essential in today’s situation. Officials said that MNI is committed to ending the cultural insecurity faced by migrant nursing workers and the marginalisation of organisations and workplaces here.

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