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Migrants who tried to cross into Europe, were expelled out to the sea on motor less rafts by the Greek Government

Greek officials are pushing migrants to the sea. On July 26, migrants were taken from a detention center in Rhodes by the Greek officials and they abandoned them in the sea on a motor less life raft.  

This was not a first or a single incident. Since the pandemic nearly 1072 migrants have been left in the sea on motor less boats.

The Greek islands have become one of the main points of reach for the migrants from the conflict-stricken countries like Syria.

The New York Times has brought out 31 separate incidents of the Greek authorities. But the Greek government shows disappointment on these. A spokesperson for the Greek Government said that the authorities will never engage in such clandestine activities.

At the same time the evidence collected by the New York Times proves that their statement against the Greek government is true. The collaborative statements from three independent watchdogs, two academic researchers and a Turkish Coast Guard, will make the evidence much stronger.

Photo by MANOLIS LAGOUTARIS/AFP via Getty Images

Along with these the paper also spoke with some survivors of these expulsions and had also reviewed photographs and videos which covers the entire process of the incidents.

Najma al-Khatib, a 50-year-old teacher from Syria said that she and 22 others, including two babies, were taken on the night of July 26 from Rhodes by Greek officials and abandoned in the sea on a raft.

They were rescued by the Turkish coast Guard. The 50-year-old was a Syrian refuge, who ran away from the middle of bullets and bombs. ‘I left Syria for fear of bombing — but when this happened, I wished I’d died under a bomb,’ she said.

This kind of expulsions are illegal under the international law. That is why the Greek government has been accused, but the authorities are not willing to accept these things.

‘Greece has a proven track record when it comes to observing international law, conventions and protocols. This includes the treatment of refugees and migrants.’ Stelios Petsas, the spokesperson for the Greek Government said.

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