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Minister Eamon Ryan says schools will not be closed in Ireland even if COVID restrictions are tightened

Green Party leader Eamon Ryan predicts the possibility of shifting the country’s COVID restrictions to Level 4.

The transport minister was speaking at the conclusion of the party’s online national convention just before the National Public Health Emergency Team recommended moving to level 5 regulation.

The Green Party leader said schools would not be closed even if restrictions are tightened. Schools will remain open even if COVID restrictions are imposed on Level Four.

The government will give priority to reopening more than one million schools, even if more restrictions are needed to prevent the spread of the disease.

There don’t seem to have been any more problems with schools coming back. International evidence suggests that it can be handled safely. Our schools are also doing well, the minister said. The losses incurred if the children are not able to go to school are irreparable.

The Green Party leader said everything should be done to avoid raising restrictions even to the fourth level. Dublin and Donegal are expected to return to second level.

In the coming budget, the government intends to spend at least €1 million a day on cycling and pedestrian infrastructure, the Green Party leader said. He indicated that the budget would focus on improving the lives of low-income and social housing people.

The lesson of COVID-19 is that our natural world is not free from threats. We must recognize that no vaccine or recovery plan can save us. The people of Ireland are expected to rise to that level.

However, ruling party leaders, including Green Party leaders, will hold further discussions with the committee today on the Level 5 level lockdown proposals proposed by NPHET. After that, schools will have to close if the decision is made to go to level 5.

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