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Moderate Turnout as Millions of Indians Vote in the Second Round of National Elections..

In the second phase of India’s multi-phase national elections, millions of voters turned out amidst scorching temperatures to cast their ballots. Approximately 60.96% of eligible voters participated in the voting process, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) facing off against a broad opposition alliance led by the Indian National Congress.

Key constituencies, including some BJP strongholds, were contested across 13 states. The BJP’s main rival, Congress party leader Rahul Gandhi, sought re-election in Wayanad constituency in Kerala, while other prominent candidates included Congress’ Shashi Tharoor and BJP’s Hema Malini and Arun Govil.

Prime Minister Modi urged citizens, particularly the youth and women, to exercise their democratic right, emphasising the importance of their vote. The BJP has already secured one parliamentary seat in Gujarat due to the disqualification of the Congress candidate. Nearly 970 million voters will elect 543 members to Parliament, with results expected on June 4.

However, Modi’s recent remarks alleging that the Congress party would redistribute wealth to specific demographics have drawn criticism, with accusations of violating election conduct regulations. Both parties have lodged complaints with the election authority, which is expected to make a ruling soon.

Despite anticipation of a BJP victory, voter turnout has been relatively subdued, prompting speculation among analysts about the electorate’s engagement in the electoral process. Nevertheless, Modi remains optimistic about the outcome, characterising the voting turnout as positive.

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