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Moratorium announced by CRU on gas and electricity

Starting from today, the Commission for Regulation of Utilities has put in place an industry-wide moratorium on all disconnections of domestic electricity and gas. The new moratorium had came into effect from yesterday.

The moratorium is set to be in place for the time of the current Level 5 restrictions.

In order to identify the trends, which requires any further focus, the CRU will continue to evaluate the levels of customer arrears, disconnections and supplier wholesale market data. that may warrant consideration of any further measures.

The regulatory body made it clear that they encourages all customers to avoid building debt by continuing to pay bills as usual or to be in contact with their supplier to enter into an alternate payment arrangements if difficulties are felt in paying their bills.

Considering the present situation, the CRU has advised the customers to make aware of the moratorium and know their rights.

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