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Mother and children who’ve been found dead in Dublin are natives of Bangalore, India; Indications are that two children were strangled

DUBLIN: Among those found dead yesterday within the confines of the Dundrum Garda station, there were indications that two children had been strangled to death.

All the three killed were Indians. Seema Banu (37) her daughter Affira (11) and her son Fazan (6) from Bangalore were died in the incident. At the same time, the cause of Seema’s death has not been confirmed yet. Garda revealed that a note was found near their body.

The murder, which took place at least four days ago, came to the notice of the outside world yesterday afternoon.

Garda is questioning a man who is suspected to be the murderer, but no arrest has been recorded so far.

Ms. Banu did not live in Ireland for long. The family arrived in Dublin in February from their native Bangalore, India. The children are studying in the nearby Ballinteer Educate Together National School.

Gardaí were informed by neighbours on yesterday morning about their concerns for the family as they had not received any response from the family members.

As soon as the Garda unit entered the house yesterday afternoon, they found Seema Banu’s body lying face up in one bedroom. And the bodies of the children were found in another bedroom.

The Garda concluded that both children had been strangled to death. However, Garda initially explained that accurate information could only be obtained through the postmortem to be conducted today.

Garda is investigating whether anyone other than the man arrested was involved in the murder. Garda indicated that he had previously been involved in such serious crimes.

Meanwhile, the residents of Ballinteer paid their respects in front of the house where the body was found. Around 100 people gathered on the grounds near the Llewellyn Lone estate, and lit candles to pay their respects.

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