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Motor Vehicles department and Gardai with modern technology to detect those who break speed limits

DUBLIN: Department of Motor Vehicles and Gardai with modern technology to detect those who drive at high speeds. The ‘racers’ on the motorway will be caught using the travel time technology. For this, new ‘average speed’ cameras will be installed on the motorway.

This will help Gardai to catch drivers without their knowledge, who regularly break the speed limit on the motorway.

It was installed in 2017 in the Dublin Tunnel. But this is the first time it has been deployed on a mainline route. The number of drivers who broke the speed limit in the Dublin tunnel was reduced from 55% to just 10%.

This is made possible by a camera system that measures the average travel time between two places. By capturing the time it takes for each vehicle to pass two places, drivers are found by estimating the average speed.

The new system will be installed on a pilot basis in a part of the M7 in Tipperary where 40% of the drivers ignore the speed limit. This will be a common feature on many roads in the future.

Drivers will slow down in areas where speed cameras are known to be installed and will fly on the stretches in between. New technology is designed to trap such people.

Work is underway to install the ‘average speed safety camera system’ on a trial basis at Junction 26-Nenagh (West) and Junction 27-Birdhill. The ‘go-live’ date for its launch has not been announced yet. Garda said it would be publicized in advance and would be made clear through signage and electronic noticeboards.

Superintendent Tom Murphy said the goal is to ensure compliance, not prosecutions. “This system will save lives and make our roads safer,” he added.

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