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Music Director A.R. Rahman turns 54 today

Indian Music director, A.R. Rahman is on the occasion of his 54th birthday. He has composed many songs in various languages all across the country and was the one who took Indias name to the Oscars. Rahman alias Dileep was born in 1967 as the son of R.K Shekhar, the famous musician.

After R.K Shekhar’s death, the family lived by renting out his musical instruments. Shekhar’s wife Kasturi was interested in spiritual matters. She was a Hindu and became fascinated with Sufism after Shekhar’s death.

Their spiritual guru was Peer Karimulah Shah Quadri. The family later adopted a new name. Dileep wondered why his name did not match.

While meeting an astrologer for sister’s wedding. The astrologer suggested to change the name. The names Abdul Rahman and Abdul Rahim were suggested.

Dileep took the name Rahman, because he liked it very much.

Rahman says that after converting to Islam, he changed the name of Dileep Kumar to Rahman according to his mother’s wishes. At the last minute of the film Roja he changed his name from Dileep Kumar to Rahman.

Rahman is a person who believes that religion is completely personal. He has often been criticized for this.

Many superstars had conveyed him birthday wishes through social medias.

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