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Nationwide Smokin’ Bean Coffee stations in 103 stores will be opened by Tesco

Tesco is planning to launch Smokin’ Bean coffee stations in 103 stores nationwide. The coffee stations in about 85 stores have already been set up. By the end of September more stations are going to be installed in 18 other stores.

Smokin’ Bean is a premium, self-serve cafe which offers barista quality coffee in seconds from bean-to-cup coffee machines.

The coffee is served in Vegware takeaway cups which are eco friendly. They are made from plants using renewable, lower carbon, recycled materials and is compostable with food waste.

The coffee beans are 100% Arabica triple certified whole beans with notes of vanilla, caramelised sugar and hints of citrus, which are ethically sourced from fair trade cooperatives in Peru and Mexico.

‘Our partnership with Smokin’ Bean allows us to fulfil a requirement we know our shoppers have,’ Tesco Ireland fresh food category director John Brennan said.

‘We are delighted to work with Smokin’ Bean to install coffee docks in 103 stores across the country and hope our customers enjoy the fantastic triple-certified, Fairtrade coffee.’

Edwin Addson, sales director at Smokin’ Bean distributor Capital Foods, said: ‘We are delighted that Tesco decided to go with the Smokin’ Bean brand.

‘We are confident that both Tesco and their customers will love the quality, 100% organic Arabica beans that we are so proud of.’

The new coffee stations offer speciality drinks to customers, medium cups €2.60 and large €2.99, which can be paid for at the checkout.

Another offers which are available is when pairing coffee with Broderick’s bars. Currently a Smokin’ Bean coffee and Broderick’s bar costs €3.50.

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