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New ferry route from Ireland to France

In the wake of Brexit, a new ferry route from Ireland to France has been announced.

The ferry service from Rosler to Dunkirk takes 24 hours. Logistics company DFDS has come up with a new announcement.

Although the ferry service has more time than the movement of trucks through the UK, the new move is based on the concern that customs inspections following Brexit will cause a large delay in the movement of goods.

The Euro Roro service on the new route will run six days a week from January 2 next year. During peak hours, Euro Euro will operate 13 services a week on all routes.

At the same time, the government report states that ferry routes have the capacity to accommodate 150,000 trucks per year. This is equivalent to the movement of goods through the UK Landbridge, the report said.

Glenn Carr, general manager of Rosslare Europort, said the decision to launch the new ferry service would be a major boost to freight forwarding and would further strengthen the Irish industry.

He added that the new ferry route would ensure several options to bypass Landbridge in the UK.

Transport Minister Emon Ryan, meanwhile, said the new ferry route from Roslayer to Dinkirk, which will be launched jointly by EuroRoways and DFDS, would be a huge boost to the freight movement during the Brexit period.


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