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New job opportunities Cork and Waterford

Companies offering numerous job opportunities in Cork and Waterford.

Cadence, a US design software development company, is creating 150 new jobs in Cork.

Cadence is creating so many engineering jobs for the new European research and development center in Cork. Recruitment will be completed within three years.

Steven Hollands, director of the Cadence Software Engineering Group and head of the Cork site, said the company’s new investment will contribute to Cork’s growth. Recruitment in Cork will begin soon.

Meanwhile, UK-based research consultancy and technology development company Trilateral Research has announced that it will create new jobs at Waterford.

Over the next four years, 40 new opportunities will be created in the company’s office at Belview Port, Waterford. Opportunities include Software Development, Data Science, Data Ethics, and Administrative Support.

“The Cadence decision to establish a state-of-the-art R&D Centre of Excellence in Cork is a positive addition to the vibrant and expanding technology industry in Cork,” Taoiseach, Micheal Martin said.

Cadence will operate with the support of IDA Ireland. The Irish government hopes that with the introduction of the Cadence, local educators will find more employment.

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