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NI to have only 18 Westminster constituencies

The number of As per the independent reviewers the number of Westminster constituencies in Northern Ireland is to remain at 18. Boundaries for the seats will be amended before general election expected by May 2024.

Official statisticians have published data on electoral registrations to be used during the review.

The electoral quota has been set at 73,392 to take account of population changes. It is an average designed to keep the size of the electorate in each seat proportionate across the UK.

In most of the UK the number registered to vote in each constituency will have to be within 5% of the quota. In Northern Ireland the legislation allows for a wider range, in certain circumstances, from 68,313 to 77,062.

The final recommendations of the independent review must be handed to the Speaker of the House of Commons by July 2023. The 2023 Review is expected to start early this year.

The number of Commons seats is fixed at 650. The allocation of seats between each of the parts of the UK is calculated based on the proportion of the UK registered electorate in each country.

The Boundary Commission for Northern Ireland is responsible for reviewing the the North’s parliamentary constituency boundaries.

It confirmed that, although the number of constituencies in Northern Ireland will remain at 18, the boundaries of existing constituencies will have to be amended due to legislation.

It added that the Commission would start to develop initial proposals and these will be published in the later part of 2021 for public consultation. Like other consultations this will also include public hearings.

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