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None of the big US tech companies are issuing work permits this year; Indians will also suffer……

Dublin: It has been reported that large technical companies, including Google, do not make extensive use of Ireland’s work permit system. Large IT firms have recently laid off tens of thousands of employees worldwide. These companies have also drastically reduced their hiring in Ireland.

None of the major US technology firms, which contribute significantly to Ireland’s foreign direct investment, have fully utilised their work permits this year.

Many industries in Ireland are suffering from severe labour shortages. The move by IT companies comes as the country prepares to import non-EEA workers on a large scale this year to address this.

So far this year, the Enterprise Department has issued 9,441 work permits, with the IT sector accounting for only 1,399 (15%) of the total. This is only one-third compared to recent years. In January, IT issued 427 permits. However, it fell to 304 in April.

Last year, Amazon issued the most work permits in the country. So far this year, the company has issued only 42 permits out of a total of 1,400. Non-EEA workers make up about 10% of Amazon’s workforce in Ireland. Microsoft, Google, and Facebook owner Metta have issued permits to only 121 non-EEA workers so far this year.

The IT sector ranks second in the country in utilising the work permit system. Health is number one. Although the tech sector has not seen as widespread layoffs as in the US, it is estimated that thousands of jobs have been lost in Ireland.

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