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November 3, World Jellyfish Day

On November 3, people all over the world observe World Jellyfish Day.

The third of November has been designated as World Jellyfish Day since 2014. It’s spring in the southern hemisphere, and jellyfish are beginning to move to the northern hemisphere’s coastlines.

Jellyfish have been drifting around on ocean currents for millions of years, long before dinosaurs existed. The jellylike creatures are common in cold and warm ocean water, deep sea, and around coastlines, and they pulse along on ocean currents. Jellyfish, despite their name, are not fish; they are invertebrates, or creatures without backbones.

The jellyfish has a considerable influence on the worldwide marine plankton ecosystems’ biomass, spatiotemporal dynamics, and community structure. They feed humans, shelter young fish in their tentacles, and are being researched for possible medicinal applications due to the green fluorescent protein that creates their bioluminescence, toxins, and tissues.

Check out these amazing images of Jellyfish!

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