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November 9th: Chaos Never Dies Day

Chaos Never Dies Day is November 9th, and we’re already going crazy trying to figure out how to appreciate the world’s chaos.

Chaos is a condition of disorder or confusion that has existed in every aspect of human existence since before the name was coined. Khaos is one of the primordial gods in Greek mythology, preceding the cosmos itself. So, in essence, chaos, with all of its confusion and disorder, predates the cosmos, making it an essential component of existence!

For some, chaos is a busy day traversing a vast and crowded metropolis. Others look forward to weekly family dinners. Whatever your particular chaos, the secret to enjoying life is to embrace it and face it head-on. That’s where Chaos Never Dies Day comes in: it’s entirely dedicated to revelling in the chaos that surrounds us!

Chaos Never Dies Day: https://pin.it/2Z2U53O

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