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November is the month you’ll “go all vegan”!

All you need to know……

World Vegan Month was started in 1994 to highlight the ideology’s advancement. It was also used to commemorate the founding of The Vegan Society in the United Kingdom 50 years earlier, in November 1944. Given the amount of animals that have died for food, the date was chosen to coincide with Halloween and the Day of the Dead in order to remember those creatures who had previously died for the useless cause of maintaining human existence.

Vegans think that there is a better way of life. They also know that the human body’s makeup as an omnivore is something that may be gradually eradicated over time, rendering human incisors as unneeded as the appendix.

Not only that, but as people become more aware of how much of a burden human life places on the planet, they are beginning to grasp that giving up animal-based goods is a very straightforward method to minimise this strain.

Furthermore, adopting a vegan diet is simply healthier! Many experts encourage a vegan diet, especially for people seeking to prevent or recover from conditions including heart disease, colon cancer, and other life-threatening disorders.

For World Vegan Month, events and festivals are being hosted all over the world to bring vegans together while exchanging nutrition suggestions and strategies to replace their long-lost meat.

How to Celebrate World Vegan Month: just a small step!

  1. Start to enjoy eating vegan.
  2. Get started with the implementation of a vegan lifestyle
  3. Expand the palate and also the sense of social responsibility by joining a vegan event or community.

World Vegan Month acknowledges all of them and the progress they’re making toward ending unnecessary cruelty to animals and the environment.


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