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Nursing home was unprepared to prevent the virus spread; thousands of residents have lost their lives

The lives of hundreds of elderly residents in nursing homes have been ruined by Covid-19. The epidemic has left thousands of elderly people suffering from depression and suffering.

The government has appointed experts to investigate the heartrending distress and suffering that has led to the deaths of almost 1,000 residents of nursing homes since the pandemic hit.

Experts have warned that this misery in the lives of those who worked hard for the betterment of our state should not continue.

Prof Cecily Kelleher, who chaired the group, said: “As we work our way through this pandemic, we know that older people have suffered most.”

The group reported that, the nursing home had not taken any precaution to prevent the epidemic that had claimed the lives of hundreds of elderly residents and infirm people.

Meanwhile, Taoiseach Micheál Martin and Tánaiste Leo Varadkar are arguing over the government’s approach to stop the spread of the virus.

The virus restrictions suggested by public health officials were severe and the government were slow to enforce them, Tánaiste said.

Health Minister Stephen Donnelly has caused major confusion for the public and businesses after incorrectly claiming that only six people can attend indoor concerts and events. But the government had officially announced that up to 50 people can attend such organised gatherings, provided there is social distancing. 

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