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Officials from the top ranks of RTE have started leaving, era of new leadership

DUBLIN: Senior officials have started to leave the top ranks of the controversial RTE. Rory Cowan, the firm’s strategy director, has resigned.

The resignation is thought to have been requested by the new director general. Director General Kevin Bakhurst also met Coveney, after which the country announcement came. The resignation was accepted immediately. Cowan was thanked by the Director General for his valuable service thus far.

Kevin Bakhurst officially took over as Director General today. He has been granted permission by the government to renovate the RTE board. Therefore, it is indicated that more people will drop out of high positions.

Director General Cowan stated in a statement that if a new leadership team is formed, his job will be easier.

Cowan has been with RTE since 2007 in various roles. However, RTE provided no information about his financial package or other benefits. Such information, according to the spokesperson, cannot be disclosed. The spokesperson said that although he has left the organisation, he is expected to cooperate with RTE as much as possible.

In the wake of the controversy, Cowan was present at media parliamentary committees held in recent weeks. His revelations led to further investigations into the controversial remuneration of presenter Ryan Turbridy.

The Irish government’s own media outlet, RTE, is embroiled in a scandal. The broadcasting company has been accused of excessive remuneration for employees and programme presenters. The media parliamentary committee’s investigation has revealed that the presenters are receiving higher salaries than the Prime Minister.

The prime minister of the country is paid 217,000 euros. However, Ryan Turbridy, a presenter, received €515,000 in 2022 and 2021. A parliamentary question about whether a presenter should be paid more than the Prime Minister has sparked widespread opposition to RTE in the country.

Liveline’s Joe Duffy earned €351,000, and radio presenter Claire Byrne earned €280,000.

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