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Officials of Ireland’s health department are in extreme panic over the rise of COVID cases

DUBLIN: COVID-19 is spreading beyond control in Ireland. Meanwhile, the prominent people in the cabinet itself came up with statements that make NPHET irrelevant, which made the health department concern. The government’s carelessness is exposed by leaking the major recommendations made by NPHET and eliminating its essence. All this shows the very complex situations in the health sector.

Returning from leave, Tony Holohan criticised the government’s ‘childishness’ at his first press conference. NPHET and the Health Department have raised allegations against the government by saying that the negligence of the government is the reason why COVID-19- cannot be regulated.

It was unveiled at a news conference. The situation here is very deteriorating, Prof. Philip Nolan warned. The response comes in the wake of news and controversy that ministers have leaked NPHET’s advice to move to Level 5 restrictions across the country. NPHET has warned that if this attitude of the government is not completely changed, virus will not be controlled and the situation will get even worse.

Five COVID deaths and 611 new cases were reported in Ireland yesterday. The whole country is now at level 3. The number of COVID cases has skyrocketed in the three days since the recommendation to go to level 5. The chief medical officer said all major indicators of the infection had worsened since Sunday. The situation is very bad. The number of people being hospitalised and admitted to the ICU due to the virus is increasing. Patients aged 19-24 years and over 65 years are increasing rapidly.

It is a matter of great concern that COVID has returned to nursing homes. Five outbreaks occurred in nursing homes last week. More than 20 COVID cases were reported. On August 1, there were only 8 people in the hospital, but today there are 156, including 27 in the ICU.

Viral cases double on average every 18 days. It is reassuring to note that the growth rate in Dublin has slowed when comparing to 4% nationally. Dublin is currently growing at about 2%.However, the concern is not completely dispelled.

Currently the worst situation is in Co. Donegal. The incidence rate here is 312 per lakh. Nolan said if the current trend continues, there will be 1,100 – 1,500 cases per day in Ireland by November 7. It can be a very serious situation. The rate of infection in the last 14 days is 124 per lakh. This is changing very fast. Nolan also said that it should be understood that it is a negative indication.

The recommendations were made last day in need of urgent discussion of a highly confidential nature. But this did not happen as the information reached the media. It is not known who leaked it. Dr. Holohan said the person who leaked the news was not convinced of what we were aiming for with this recommendation.

Dr. Holohan reiterated the need to reduce contact. He said there is a tendency to blame people and that is not good. ‘It is not right to blame each other except to take personal responsibility. So no one is going to benefit’ – Dr. Holohan said.

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