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Only one Ireland… so close to unity

On the same stage, prominent politicians hoped for the dream of a united Ireland.

Dublin: The hope for a united Ireland is shared by major political figures. The Ireland’s Future Campaign Group conducted the largest event in history to exchange thoughts and opinions from various leaders for a united Ireland. Leaders such as Donald Trump and Leo Varadkar, deputy prime minister and Fine Gael leader, have stated that unity is necessary.

The two main political addresses were delivered by Varadkar and Sinn Fein leader Mary Lou McDonald, both of whom enthralled the audience. When McDonald skillfully raised the subject of unity, Varadkar received praise for his thoughtful response. According to Varadkar, East-West collaboration will continue even when Ireland is unified.

Fianna Fail leader Micheal Martin also avoided the union, but he was not opposed to it. On the other hand, Martin has previously stated that he has no difficulty addressing Northern Ireland’s future.

 Senator Vincent Martin of the Green Party suggested that the word “republic” be dropped from the word “republic of Ireland. He suggested that it could instead be Ireland or Northern Ireland. Peadar Toibin, the leader of the Aontu, expressed tremendous optimism in this aspect as well. According to Toibin, this conference will be a turning point.

Simultaneously, as Fianna fails, Jim O’Callaghan TD suggested that all those who seek a united Ireland should be brought together. The debate group included SDLP and Labor leaders Colum Eastwood and Ivana Bacik, Sinn Fein chairperson Declan Kearney, and Fine Gael TD Neale Richmond. Michael O’Neill, who was supposed to replace Sinn Fein’s Kearney, did not show up owing to sickness.

Richmond, who has previously attended different events, said it was exciting to discuss the need to prepare for a united Ireland. Ivana Bacik also discussed Labor’s pro-unity stance. Eastwood, the SDLP’s leader, also outlined the party’s pro-unity stance. Colm Meaney stated that he supports unity. The Civil Society Panel, comprised of IBEC, ICTU, the National Women’s Council, and IFA, also emphasized the importance of unity. Others found the unionists’ refusal to participate in the scheme disheartening.

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