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Over half of the world’s oceans about 56% have changed colour in the past 20 years

Many indications of climate change in nature are already well known, but more are appearing in other areas. One that has lately gained notice is the shift in the colour of the oceans. According to the science journal Nature, the hue of the oceans is shifting from blue to green in many parts of the world, which might be due to climate change. Approximately 56% of the world’s oceans have changed colour in the last 20 years. The overall area of oceans that have turned green is larger than the total amount of land on Earth. The ocean regions near the equator have gotten greener than other locations. The conclusions were reached using data collected by scientists in different countries.

The colour shift is caused by an increase in the amount of plankton, a ubiquitous marine organism. Heat from global warming is thought to be the source of the changes. Oceans absorb over 90% of the heat held by greenhouse gases, and if they begin to warm, the consequences will be catastrophic both on land and at sea. Because of glacier melting, sea levels are already increasing. This causes a drop in oxygen levels in the water and the widespread death of fish. According to scientists, the earth’s ability to regulate the amounts of energy entering and leaving its system is becoming increasingly challenging. This is manifesting itself in many ways, and no region on the planet, on land or in the sea, will be immune to its impact. 

“To actually see it happening for real is not surprising but frightening,” said the scientists who lead the ocean colour research. And these shifts are consistent with man-made climate change. The influence of the colour change on marine ecosystems has yet to be completely investigated. However, it is obvious that it will not be advantageous. This is due to the fact that the oceans contain more life forms than the land, and life on earth is critically dependent on the health of the oceans. Plankton are essential for the survival of the marine food chain. Changes in plankton can affect the ocean’s ability to absorb carbon. The ocean’s greening is a warning sign. 

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