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Pandemic Unemployment Payment claims expected to see a hike this week

The recent figures from the Department of Social Protection says that there will be increase in the number of people who claim the Pandemic Unemployment Payment.

It is expected that with an increase of 50,000 people during the last one week, almost 300,000 people will get the PUP this week.

Department of Social Protection says that around 295,860 people will claim the payment this week, up 51,707 from 244,153 last week, this records an increase of 21.7%.

There will be an increase in the payment as well because of the increased number of applicants. It is expected that this week’s payment will cost €85.6 million than from the last week’s €20 million.

The highest number of people who claimed for PUP were from the Accommodation and Food Services sector, 90,051 people claimed for the payment. Secondly it was the Wholesale and Retail Trade sector, 43,432 people from this sector claimed for PUP and on the third place it was Administrative and Support Services Activities with 25,656 people.

Other than those receiving the PUP, a further 211,492 people were on the Live Register as of the end of September.

Heather Humphreys, the Minister for Social Protection said that the recent figures are a caused because of the economic impact due to the implementation of Level 5 restrictions.

“I know this has been a really difficult few days, particularly for those who have temporarily lost their jobs or whose businesses have had to close. I know that people are worried about the next few weeks. They are worried about their families, their friends and their jobs,” she said.

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