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Passengers arriving in Ireland will be required to undergo two Covid tests

Cabinet decision to make it mandatory for all passengers arriving in Ireland to have a negative PCR verification certificate taken 72 hours prior to departure.

The government has not yet officially notified the airlines, but it is said that the new rules will take effect on Saturday.

Passengers from the UK and South Africa had been subjected to a negative PCR test since last week.

People from Great Britain and South Africa must remain in self-isolation for 14 days, even if the PCR test is negative.

The cabinet had last week warned that the system would be extended to all travelers from all countries. Travelers from the green and orange zones do not have to stay in self-isolation if they have a negative certificate when they arrive in Ireland.

Travelers from all other countries will be required to present a negative PCR test certificate taken 72 hours prior to departure and five days after arrival in Ireland.

If they get a negative test result after five days, they no longer need to control their movements. If they do not have a second covid test, their movements should be controlled for 14 days.

The Border Management Unit at Dublin Airport and the Garda at other entry points will inspect it.

The Irish Foreign Office has welcomed the UK government’s announcement that those going to Northern Ireland will need a negative certificate.

The Irish government has proposed that the new rules apply to travelers to the Republic.

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