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Please take a visit to Dublin City; “make a day for it” campaign rises with an aim

“Dear Dubliners, get out and enjoy your city” this is the new moto of the ‘make a day for it’ campaign. This campaign is urging Dubliners to return to their city center and explore everything.

It was the Dublin City Council who launched the campaign aiming to stimulate the economic activities of the city. the campaign has been published and circulated through digi-panels, online, metropoles and bus shelters.

The city’s economic condition is not in a great condition and this campaign hopes to repair it.

According to the CSO statistics, more than half of the food and accommodation sector is inactive either temporarily or permanently by June 2020.

The new campaign asks the city residents to visit the restaurants, cafes and shops which are reopened since restrictions were lifted.

“Make a day for it” have been provided with itineraries for art galleries, museums and restaurants to visit.

The Hugh Lane Gallery, GAA Museum, Dublin Castle, etc. are some of the attractions featured in the campaign.

“My message to all Dubliners is get out, enjoy your city, visit some of the great attractions you never get a chance to visit during normal times, and Make A Day of It while you’re at it.” Said Dublin Lord Mayor Hazel Chu.

She also said that the city has much to offer, but it’s only the tourists who visits the place makes complete use of the city.

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