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“Pope Francis Laments Failure to Recognise the Prince of Peace Amidst Ongoing Conflict in Christmas Message”

Vatican: In his Christmas address, Pope Francis appealed for a ceasefire in Gaza and expressed deep sadness at the desperate living conditions of the Palestinians. The Pope also called for the release of hostages and conveyed his heartfelt wish for peace in the Holy Land, emphasising the irony of rejecting the Prince of Peace through the futility of war.

Addressing the despicable attack on October 7, the Pope reiterated his plea for the release of hostages and urged an end to military actions against innocent civilians. He shared his grief over the significant displacement of 85% of the population resulting from the war between Israel and Hamas, which commenced with Hamas gunmen crossing the military border into Gaza.

The Pope highlighted the gravity of the situation, with 1,200 people killed in Israel and 250 individuals kidnapped by terrorists. Israel’s subsequent continuous bombing and ground war in Gaza led to the tragic death toll exceeding 20,000, including women and children.

Pope Francis also called for the resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through mediation talks and extended prayers for political and social stability in ongoing conflicts in Syria, Lebanon, and Yemen. Additionally, he wished for peace in Ukraine, which celebrated Christmas on December 25, departing from the traditional January 7 celebration in Russia.

The Pope advocated for the restoration of peace between Armenia and Azerbaijan, along with addressing conflicts in the Sahel, Africa, Sudan, Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Sudan, and the Korean Peninsula. Concluding his message, he urged the United States to work towards resolving social and political conflicts, eradicating poverty, and reducing inequality.

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