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Prime Minister Leo Varadkar Expresses Wholehearted Support for Immigrants, Rejects Blame Game

Dublin: Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has unequivocally endorsed immigrants, distancing Ireland from the politics of scapegoating. Speaking at the launch of the North East Inner City (NEIC) 2023 progress report, Varadkar emphasised that immigrants should not be held responsible for all the country’s challenges. He voiced his opposition to the politics of hate gaining traction in Ireland.

Highlighting the positive impact of immigration on Ireland, Varadkar commended immigrants as hardworking contributors to society and the economy. While acknowledging the benefits Ireland has derived from immigration, he underscored the importance of adherence to established rules governing immigration.

Varadkar’s remarks come in response to concerns about the emergence of extreme right-wing factions fielding candidates against immigrants, particularly in the inner city area of Dublin. Such movements could potentially influence political dynamics in the region.

The distinction between economic migrants and asylum seekers was also emphasized in Varadkar’s address. He noted that some politicians incorrectly conflate the two categories, highlighting the contributions of economic migrants who work in fields such as health, IT, and finance, paying taxes alongside citizens. In contrast, Varadkar pointed out the challenges faced by illegal immigrants, advocating for immigration policies that adhere to established rules.

The discourse around refugees and immigrants in Europe was also discussed, with Varadkar acknowledging the shift in terminology and emphasizing the positive role of economic migrants. Despite this, concerns were raised about the disparity in benefits, with refugees receiving special considerations, including housing, while economic migrants, including foreign nurses, face challenges in accessing such resources in densely populated areas like Black Rock.

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