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Prohibition of eviction; The government is swaying without making a decision

Dublin: Government in limbo over extension of tenant eviction ban The government is worried that such a move could worsen the housing crisis. The government is concerned about the possibility of being setbacks. Sinn Fein has strongly criticised this lack of attitude.

The main concern of the government is that extending the eviction period will drive landlords out of the market, while lifting the ban will result in mass evictions from rental properties.

The eviction ban came into force in November. For seven months in a row, the number of homeless people has been at an all-time high. However, the government estimates that the eviction ban has significantly reduced winter homelessness.

In the meantime, the government fears that if the ban is lifted, things will get out of hand. From January 23 to 29, there were 8,323 elderly people and 3,431 children in emergency shelters. Therefore, there needs to be a balanced position in this regard.

According to figures, 21,000 houses were sold by their owners last year. These people have bought 7,500 new house. The government sees this as a negative market trend.

The government also fears that if the ban is extended beyond April, homeowners may sell their properties in droves. If this occurs, there will be a flood of eviction notices. This will have an impact on government as well. Minister of State Jack Chambers has clarified that no decision on whether to impose a ban after March has been made.

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