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Refugees from the UK arrive in Ireland on luxury ships

The trip cost hundreds of euros

Dublin: As plans for Rwandan deportations proceed in the UK, there has been a surge in illegal immigrants attempting to reach Ireland through various means. Reports indicate that some are embarking on luxury ships from the UK to Ireland, spending thousands of euros to secure passage.

Criticism has been levied against the Irish government’s perceived leniency towards illegal immigrants, with concerns raised about the ease of access to the country. Despite ongoing debates surrounding immigration policies, the influx of illegal immigrants persists, with some resorting to makeshift accommodations such as tents along roadsides, including the Grand Canal Road.

Illegal immigrants describe the Irish sea voyage as relatively straightforward, with no passport requirements. Simply purchasing a ticket on a luxury ship, often costing around 2000 euros, facilitates the journey. Upon arrival in Ireland, they anticipate accommodation and support services, considering it a safer option than the UK. Major ports such as Dublin, Belfast, Dun Laoghaire, Waterford, Cork, and Londonderry provide ample opportunities for onward travel and integration.

The backdrop of these migrations is the UK’s deportation of tens of thousands of individuals, including those who arrived in Britain via small boats from Europe, fleeing conflict and hardship. Some of these individuals are being deported to Rwanda, prompting others to seek refuge in Ireland.

An Afghan refugee shared his journey, detailing expenditures of €7,000 on travel to France before returning to the UK and subsequently opting for Ireland amid the Rwandan deportation project. Upon arrival, refugees are directed to the International Protection Office (IPO) in Dublin, where they register for essential services, including volunteer assistance, temporary accommodations, shopping vouchers, and weekly allowances.

While political parties such as Labour and Sinn Féin tacitly support the government’s approach, Aontú is critical, asserting that the immigration system has spiralled out of control. Party leader Peadar Tóibín warns that the government’s inability to effectively manage deportations sends the wrong message internationally, underscoring the need for stringent immigration policies and enforcement.

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