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Revenue will be contacted to help and support businesses immediately affected by Brexit

Revenue focuses on helping and supporting businesses immediately affected by Brexit. Revenue said the focus will be on helping and supporting affected businesses from January 2021.

Revenue will contact about 90,000 companies assumed to be impacted by Brexit in the next week.

It specifies the critical Brexit preparation steps that businesses must now adopt, such as obtaining an Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) number and registering for customs, as well as cash flow and financial analysis ready for customs tariffs.

Lynda Slattery, Head of Revenue’s Brexit Policy Unit, said Revenue are engaging with businesses that will be impacted by Brexit.

Ms. Slattery said that the revenue is intended to be a project that will help businesses who continue to operate carefully and completely.

She added that Brexit will be a reality from January 1, and businesses need to be prepared for that.

Revenue will be following up on the letters being sent to businesses in the next week with a targeted telephone contact.

Revenue also said that, in partnership with the Department of Agriculture, Food & Marine and the Department of Business, Enterprise & Innovation, it will hold a series of webinar learning sessions on October 5 & 6 to support businesses in defining and interpreting the consequences of Brexit and what they need to work on in planning for Brexit.

An important factor that some businesses still need to complete is registering for customs.

“The EORI registration process can be completed quickly through the Revenue Online Service (ROS) and a guidance video is available on www.revenue.ie/brexit to bring you through the process,” Ms. Slattery explained.   

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