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Road usage charges for cars and private vehicles in Ireland

DUBLIN – The government is considering imposing a road usage charge in order to ‘kick’ private motorists off the road. Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) is planning to introduce Project Bruce, a plan to charge a fixed amount for each road to be used.

This step contributes to the public system’s strengthening by excluding cars. The Climate Action Plan aims to cut emissions from transport by half by 2030. The government agency in charge of implementing this is TII. TII centres clarify that all the countries of the world and Europe are considering imposing such a tax.

As people switch to electric vehicles, the government incurs huge losses in road tax and fuel duty. This is why the government implemented the road usage charge, which will cost the government between €1.5 billion and €3 billion.

At the same time, it is noted that this move may spark widespread protests and agitation in the country. Previously, the imposition of water charges in the country sparked major riots.

Four options are under consideration.

It is reported that the plan is considering four options, including charging based on distance. Looking at the distance, it is indicated that a trip from Maynooth to central Dublin will cost €38, and a trip from Cork to Dublin will cost €163.

The road usage charge could be reduced to 70 cents if all vehicles using the national road network were considered. The option of only charging motorways and dual carriageways is being considered. It is pointed out that due to the reduced number of roads, this would result in overcharging. This option would charge €50 per vehicle from Dublin to Maynooth, €163 from Cork to Dublin, and €90 from Limerick to Galway. The findings.

The Department for Transport spokesman confirmed that a fifth option, which would require more traffic modelling work, was also being examined. However, the spokesperson stated that this is still in the early stages.

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