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Rosslare Europort is preparing to launch a direct shipping service to Continental Europe

Rosslare Europort is gearing up to upgrade and operate the service before the transition period ends on December 31st.

In addition to improving service, hauliers is in talks with a shipping company to launch a direct shipping service to Continental Europe.

Hauliers main goal is to avoid the post-Brexit rush on the UK landbridge.

The hauliers are concerned about the congestion at the Port of Dover. They therefore prefer a regular ferry to northern continental Europe.

The UK government had warned that failing to secure a trade deal with the EU could lead to a two-day delay with the queues of 7,000 lorries in Dover.

Meanwhile, Rosslare Europe’s general manager, Glenn Carr, said there could be room on current direct routes, but hauliers want service more often than three days a week.

“There are not great options for the haulier, for the manufacturer, for the exporter, for the importer. There needs to be more choice,” said Mr. Carr.

He says the timing and speed of the sailing is crucial, despite the capacity.

“We need a frequent fast service to mainland Europe, and I am very hopeful that that is what we are going to deliver,” Mr. Carr added.

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