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RTB estimates that tenants are being evicted in Ireland in the name of selling houses

Dublin: Figures from RTB reveal that evictions in Ireland are leading to the sale of homes. According to the RTB, 4,329 termination notices were issued in the last quarter of last year alone for this reason. This is the reason given by more than half (58%) of landlords evicting tenants. Last year, 11,868 people were served with eviction notices. Of the 3,329 tenants who received these notices, there are fears that they will be on the streets in April, May, and June.

A copy of the termination notice given by the landlord to the tenant is also required to be sent to RTB, according to the law introduced by the government last July. That is how these figures came out.

RTB reports that 16.38% of tenants were evicted due to family members. 16.10% of notices were issued for tenancy agreement violations. According to RTB, 43% of termination notices were issued in Dublin and 11% in Cork.

In the wake of these figures, the opposition and homelessness charities have stepped up their call for the ban on evictions to be lifted. Sinn Féin’s housing spokesman, Eoin O Broin, said the housing sector was heading for a major crisis.

The figures, according to Labor leader Ivana Bacik TD, highlight the magnitude of the problem tenants face. TD claimed that the government made this decision without any plan or plans.

The Social Democrats’ housing spokesman, Cian O’Callaghan, predicted a wave of evictions in the coming days. Simon Communities executive director Wayne Stanley said the figures were worrying.

At the same time, Pat Davitt, CEO of the Institute of Professional Auctioneers and Valuers, said that the situation in the rental market is not dire. Those who lose their rental properties will buy new ones, and new residents will move into vacant properties.

The majority of tenants are Indians and other Asian nationals.

The majority of tenants are from Asian countries, which have the largest immigrant population in Ireland. They are generally the ones who succumb to intimidation, and the landlord treats them with conviction.

Even though they can stay in the same house with legal assistance if there is no mistake on the part of the tenant, most tenants try to leave and find another house without going through the problem.

It is paradoxical that the RTB is the same organisation that works for tenants in matters including legal aid and works for landlords. Due to the lack of a body in Ireland to deal with tenants who have been unfairly penalised, also leaves the tenant without a last resort.

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