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Russia ready to resume gas supply in Europe: Russian President Vladimir Putin

Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced that Russia is ready to resume gas supply in Europe through the Nord Stream 2 pipeline link beneath the Baltic Sea to Germany. Putin stated that the European Union should make the decision. “Russia is ready to supply gas. If required, EU countries may utilize it. “Putin made the remarks while speaking at the Moscow Energy Forum.

On Wednesday, the European Union Energy Ministers convened in Prague and accepted new measures to address the energy problem. The EU countries are scheduled to sign the deal next week. Meanwhile, Russia has declared that it is ready to supply gas.

America is behind the Nord Stream explosion.

Putin accused the US of being behind the Nord Stream 1 and 2 explosions. This is part of America’s strategy to weaken Europe. The goal is for American gas corporations to expand their European operations. Following the explosion, the gas line began to leak. This is an act of international terrorism. Its purpose, according to Putin, is to weaken the European continent and energy security. Putin accused the US of attempting to restrict cheap energy supplies, depriving hundreds of thousands of people of gas, heating, electricity, and other necessities, forcing them to buy at exorbitant costs. But the Russian accusation is baseless. Washington reacted.

An investigation into explosions at the bottom of the Baltic Sea in Russian-made pipes is ongoing. Suspicions have been raised that Moscow was behind the coup in order to blame the West. The EU and other European countries have also taken steps to reduce their reliance on Russian oil and gas and to develop an alternative system.

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