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Second Confirmed Case of Measles in Ireland..

A second case of measles has been confirmed in Ireland, located in the West region. The HSE Health Protection Surveillance Centre was notified of the case recently. This follows a previous case where a man from Westmeath died from the disease, believed to have contracted it in Birmingham.

The HSE and public health teams, along with the Measles National Incident Management Team, are actively addressing the situation. Plans are underway for a proactive MMR vaccine catch-up programme, prioritising children, young adults, healthcare workers, and underserved groups like refugees and the homeless.

It’s advised that individuals born before 1978 are likely immune due to childhood exposure, but anyone displaying symptoms should seek medical attention promptly. Symptoms of measles include cold-like symptoms, rash, fever, and complications can be severe. People experiencing symptoms are encouraged to contact medical professionals, informing them of their condition and any relevant travel or contact history.

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